• ForeverSafe Cemetery Urns & Vases

    ForeverSafe™ Urns & Cemetery Vases

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  • ForeverSafe Cemetery Vases, Cemetery Vases, Replacement Cemetery Vases, Theft Deterrent Cemetery Vases

    ForeverSafe™ Vases & Canister Set

  • ForeverSafe Urns in Beautiful Metallic and Granite Finishes

    ForeverSafe Urns in Beautiful Metallic and Granite Finishes

  • ForeverSafe Cemetery Vases, Replacement Cemetery Vases

    ForeverSafe™ Replacement Vases & Canister Sets

  • FoeverSafe Urns & Cemetery Vases, ForeverSafe Urns, ForeverSafe Cemetery Vases, Replacement Bronze Vases

    ForeverSafe™ Cremation Urns & Replacement Cemetery Vases

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ForeverSafe™ Products by Granger Plastics

1600 M.A.D.E. Industrial Drive
Middletown, OH 45044
Phone: (513) 424-1955
Toll Free: 866-510-9701
Website : Granger Plastics Rotational Molding
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Replacement Cemetery Vases

ForeverSafe offers many colors and effects to blend with existing products. When replacing with ForeverSafe you have many complementary choices to restore any memorial.
Replacement Cemetery Vases

ForeverSafe Urns Water Tight Seal

Completely secure even when totally immersed in water. ForeverSafe products are durable enough for indoor or outdoor use in all weather conditions and climates.
Water Tight Urns

Proudly American Made

ForeverSafe™ products are proudly made in America to serve the final needs of your loved one with the highest quality possible.
American Made Cemetery Vases & Burial Urns

About ForeverSafe™

ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Flower Vases &Burial Urns are ForeverSafe. Why should thieves be rewarded for desecrating a loved ones memorial. ForeverSafe™ Vases & burial urns are as beautiful as bronze or marble, but hold no interest for thieves, due to their tough, watertight polyethylene contstruction. ForeverSafe™ products are Rotationally Molded by Granger Plastics, an internationally recognzied leading plastics company.

Granger Plastics is a proud and distinguished memeber of the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association). Since 1887, The ICCFA has grown to more than 7,500 members in the fastest growing assocation in the industry. Membership in the ICCFA includes numerous leading cemeteries, crematories, service organizations and students.


Granger Plastics is also a proud member of The Catholic Cemetery Conference. The Catholic Cemetery Conference was founded in 1949 and is the oldest and largest Catholic cemetery association servicing Catholic cemeterians nationally and internationally.

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Why ForeverSafe™ Urns & Vases


Sadly, burial urns made of popular materials are being stolen from cemeteries by the thousands- simply for the value of the burial container. Metals like bronze, brass or copper, are sold for scrap. Expensive marble urns are resold intact to unscrupulous dealers.


ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases are beautiful. You do not have to sacrifice beauty to offer security for your loved one. The memorial vases offer the look and quality of fine materials without the intrinsic scrap value for would be thieves.


ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases and Burial Urns are impervious to surrounding conditions. They're as tough as steel, as beautiful as stone, but with the durability and strength of polyethylene. Bring flowers to your loved one's memorial forever, with ForeverSafe™.